A Lovely Shade of Pale…

Spring and warmer weather are here, and with the milestone of Easter behind us, it’s officially time to usher lighter colors into our closets. I get excited to break out the white denim, but honestly in the south, we can get away with wearing white year-round. 

The “fashion rules” of stowing away white clothing after Labor Day and only wearing in the summer originated with fashion editors in the northeast (where they actually experience seasons) who wanted to shed their darker colors during the warm weather. According to a Time article, during the early 20th century, white clothing represented leisure and was fittingly worn during summer months. Labor Day marked the end of summer and thus the end of leisure dress. 

Since we live in a place celebrated for being “famously hot” we understand the need for dressing as comfortably as possible to combat the oppressive temperatures. Therefore we tend to wear our sandals longer into the season, and Charleston gentlemen notably forgo dress socks. All that being said, now it’s officially time for white. Here are a few bright, white pieces that Little Lovely and I will be adding to our wardrobes this season.  Jack Rogers white and gold sandals – and there’s a flash sale today // J.Crew toothpick jean // Bardot ruffle shift dress // Proper Peony White Cherry Dress // Ecru flutter sleeve top // Pink Bows Smocked Bows Dress by Smockingbird Kids


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