A Lovely Little Sunday…

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” -Proverb

Weekends are coveted family time, and Sundays are particularly nice since they are less scheduled and more available for leisurely strolls and outings. A recent Forbes article examines how those who strive for rejuvenating weekends are more successful. The article offers some tips for changing gears during the weekend including planning micro-adventures. That is exactly what we did today!

We wanted to get outside since now is the ideal time to enjoy the delightful spring season in South Carolina. The thick, yellow layer of pollen has washed away, flowers are at their intense, colorful peak and temperatures are still relatively cool. 

Little Lovely slept in this morning, which is a rare treat, so we all relaxed into our rituals of coffee, newspaper and bottle. It’s so funny to me how baby loves reaching for the paper- she must like the crinkly sound and colors.   Eloise reading the comics in The State.

Feeling refreshed we set out for The Botanical Gardens at Riverbanks Zoo. While we’ve been to the zoo many times with baby this was our first trip to the gardens, and we were quite impressed with the vast grounds and variety of flora. Little Lovely had a fine time being strolled around and especially delighted in lounging on the grass.       Eloise’s cherry dress is by Smockingbird Kids. We learned that an interactive children’s garden and water feature, Waterfall Junction, will open on April 7, so we will definitely return soon.

Wishing you and your family a pleasant and relaxing Sunday! 


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