A Lovely Little Monogram…

Do you prefer a swirly, interlocking motif or the more straightforward block letters for your monogram? In the south, we have an affinity for our initials and take pride in embroidering, embossing and stamping them on our belongings.  

Historically, monograms entered the scene with the Greeks and Romans using the symbols on coins. While popularity has waxed and waned throughout the centuries royalty has traditionally used the monogram to designate heritage such as the family shield or crest. During the Victorian era, the monogram became what we know today and was adopted by the upper crust of society to assert status. 

As a decorative art form, embroidering and engraving initials on personal items gained momentum in post-war America. With a quick search I found dozens of articles from 1950’s era women’s magazines discussing the new trend of “highly personalizing” items within the marital home – His and Hers towels etc.

It seems that monogramming has always been en vogue in the south though perhaps since our culture is rich with tradition and a great sense of family pride. 

I’ve never been a monogramming maven. Like other classmates, I did have a monogrammed book bag from L.L.Bean, but it wasn’t until I got married that I paid more attention to my initials. It’s so much fun to register for monogrammed linens, isn’t it? 

Of course prepping for Little Lovely made me seriously consider her monogram, and once we decided on her name I set out to have a few special items personalized just for “EBB.” Hopefully she will hold on to some of the keepsakes, and it’s neat that she and I share initials. Here is a sampling of some of our favorite personalized pieces. Monogrammed bloomers by The Embroidered Home // Pink Quilt from Little Lambs and Ivy // Cheshire gold monogram necklace by Moon and Lola // Eloise dress from Cecil and Lou // Bunny pillow from Codington Fields // Classic canvas tote by L.L.Bean

To get prepped for Mother’s Day The Shops at Cricket Newman are hosting a monogram show this week where you can order gifts. Also be sure to check out the selection of custom tea towels and dinner napkins from The Embroidered Home– a charming gift for any occasion. 


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