A Lovely Little Story…

We actually didn’t make it there today since Little Lovely had a late morning nap, but typically on Wednesday mornings, you can find us at the Richland Library Wheatly Branch for Hello Baby! story-time. It’s a delightful half hour of stories and songs led by one of the talented and patient librarians. 

I started taking Eloise when she was only a month old mainly as a way for mommy to get out and about, and it’s been a treat seeing how she increasingly pays attention each week and enjoys the library and books more and more.

Jody and I are fairly avid readers, so we introduced books to baby right from the start, making it part of our bedtime routine. Eloise seems to like the quiet time and helps turning pages.Eloise listening intently at story-time a few weeks ago. She loves carrying around her special little book by Prestige Baby. They are wonderful for teethers since they are waterproof. I have not been able to find others, but here is a link to some by Fisher-Price. In My Heart: A Book of FeelingsAll Aboard! Paris: A French Primer

Jody recently joined the Richland Library Foundation Board and was excited to learn that Richland Library was a Nationl Medal finalist from the Institute of Museum and Library Science. We are all so lucky to have this world-class resource in our community.

By the way, did you know that the Wheatly Branch has been operating since 1930 and is named for Phillis A. Wheatley, an African slave and wellknown eighteenth century poet? It was also the first library in Columbia to offer service to black patrons.

Mom and Dad are very glad that baby is sleeping through the night so we can get back to our bedtime reading routine as well. Here are a few titles currently on our nightstands:     


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