A Little Comfortable…

“I have about a hundred pairs of pajamas. I like to see people dressed comfortably.” – Hugh Hefner

Who would’ve guessed that I have something in common with Hugh Hefner? While I enjoy clothes and getting dressed up immensely I also appreciate a good set of pretty and comfortable pajamas – probably more so now as a new mom than ever before. I might even be known to change into my pjs before nightfall. It’s a simple pleasure, but there is something luxurious about slipping into new sleepwear before hitting the sheets. If you think about it, we spend half of our lives in bed, so lovely lounge clothes are actually a smart investment.

According to the History of Costume, pajamas were loungewear and sleepwear that consisted of pants and jacket tops  first seen in India. The word is derived from two Hindi terms: “pa(y),” for leg, and “jamah,” for garment. With the British colonization of India in the 19th century, the style of “pyjamas” was brought back to Europe, and Americans later adopted “pajamas.” Interestingly, footie pajamas like the ones we snap Eloise into at night actually started out as something designed for adults. The first versions were made when people began sewing socks to the bottom of their pajama pants to keep their feet warm.

Here are a few options that Little Lovely and I recommend for a good night’s sleep. 

Vintage pajama set from J.Crew, which can be monogrammed // Eberjey Gisele Sleepshirt available locally at Pout // Coastal Floral Lace Sleep Tank and Pants by Soma // Carter’s polka dot onesie available at the newly reopened Marshall’s on Jackson Blvd. // SkipHop heart pajama set // Aden+Anais Classic Sleeping Bag in breathable muslin available locally at Little Lambs & Ivy

Sweet dreams!


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