A Lovely Little Strawberry…

Little Lovely and I are always looking for fun outings, and this time of year, something outside is very appealing. 

Yesterday we headed down the Sumter Highway to Cottle Strawberry Farm to meet some friends for a little strawberry picking. 

For merely $12 per gallon bucket, the strawberry patch was an economical activity that kept baby’s interest – with all of the green and red to look at and of course the yummy berries to pluck and sample. I don’t think Eloise could believe that I was actually letting her put something in her mouth straight from the vine.

Supporting our local farms and CSAs is so important to help our state’s agribusiness economy flourish. Be sure to check out SCFarmfun.org to find agritourism spots near you, and always look for the Certified SC Grown logo when you are shopping for products and produce.    Little Lovely sampling a few local strawberries. Her top and bloomers are by Remember Nguyen🍓.  After snapping some photos we made our way to the register where we learned of a special “name game” promotion. The farm was offering anyone named “Emily” a free quart of berries. What luck! Check their Facebook page for future deals.    Happy picking!


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