A Lovely Little Picture…

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” -Albert Einstein

Creativity comes in many forms. My brothers and I inherited different creative genes leading to passions for writing, performing, music and art. I can’t draw a stick figure, but my youngest brother, Dillon Brady, is an excellent artist. 

Sketching has always been a hobby for him since taking classes as a child, and after graduating from Chapel Hill and moving to Charleston to pursue his healthcare administration masters at MUSC, Dillon picked up his pad and pencils again. I’m sure Charleston and its beauty provides daily inspiration. Piano sketch by 7 year old Dillon

A few months ago, Dillon had the idea to sketch a beloved pet for a friend as a gift. It was so well received that he decided to offer up his talents to others looking for a thoughtful present and Petsy – Custom Pet Drawings was launched. I love the way he captures the personality of each pet, especially in their eyes.Petsy – Custom Pet Drawings

If you have jumped on the adult coloring trend, download Dillon’s Greetings From South Carolina coloring book featuring unique state landmarks. Greetings From South Carolina adult coloring book

While Dillon is an expert sketcher he has been branching out lately to additional mediums such as pastels. The cheerful piece below is of famed Rainbow Row on East Bay Street. Did you know that the charming facades of Rainbow Row were originally storefronts left in disrepair after the Civil War? It wasn’t until the 1930s that they were renovated, and legend has it that the pastel paint was to help woozy sailors remember where they lived.If you’re looking for a special Mother’s Day or graduation gift, commission a piece from Art By Dillon. You won’t be disappointed!  

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