A Lovely Little Photo Shoot… 

“A memory is a photograph taken by the heart so it will last forever.” -Unknown

Everyday Little Lovely seems to change as she develops into her little self. If you follow me on social media, then you know I like to document her thoroughly. First time mom- I can’t help myself with the pictures. In addition to my amateur photography skills, I have enlisted professionals to capture her and our little family at milestone stages. 

The image of meeting Eloise for the first time is one of my favorites. Jody was actually planning to man the camera during delivery, but a very wise and sweet nurse grabbed it from him, and as a result, we have the magical moment that we became a family on film forever.During our Baby Basics Class  at Palmetto Health, we were told about Bella Baby Photography offered at the hospital. A photographer comes to your room when the baby is a day old to get some special newborn shots. I was blown away with the quality of the photos considering the limited lighting and extreme exhaustion of the subjects. As a warning to new parents-they also create and send you a slideshow set to music that will make you instantly emotional and want to buy the entire collection! I still get teary when I hear the song, Always Be by Holly Maher.  When baby was about two months old, we had photos taken of her at home with the talented Emily Corey. She works wonders with little ones and managed to even get a few newborn smiles out of Little Lovely. We ended up with some amazing photos that will be treasured forever.            Most recently, we had a mini session with  Landon Jacob Photography. The local couple, Jordan and Landon Thompson, are highly regarded wedding and lifestyle photographers, so it was a treat to have the opportunity in front of their skilled lens. At six months old, Eloise’s personality came through in these images even though she wasn’t being fully cooperative that day. Luckily, Jordan and Landon have a baby of their own so they understand and are very patient.        While our frames and photo albums are quickly filling up I am so thankful for these precious memories and look forward to capturing our family at each new stage.



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