Lovely Charleston…

As new parents, our weekends are centered around Little Lovely, so it’s the rare treat to have a night away. And it’s even more uncommon to get together with old friends. We were thrilled to do both on Saturday. A quick trip to Charleston during the peak of springtime was wonderful. Following cocktail hour overlooking the harbor, we rickshawed to dinner at 492 King, a hip new spot on Upper King. Adult conversation and a little bubbly made for the perfect evening.  One of our favorite things to do is to take a morning walk in downtown Charleston. Every street offers historic homes and gardens dripping with charm, and we can meander along taking it all in. I snapped a few pics that capture spring in the Holy City.       Feeling recharged we set off for home and baby. We can’t wait to bring her back here sometime soon!



3 thoughts on “Lovely Charleston…

  1. I love the pictures and your footwear! I didn’t know that Rickshaws are ridden in Charleston, quite amazed to see that. I too love taking walks around the town coz I get to see such marvelous well-maintained houses.


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