A Lovely Little Dip…

“Roll out those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer…” 

My mother used to sing this happy tune from her childhood by Nat King Cole to me and my brothers at the start of summer each year. Yesterday felt like the true beginning of summer with 90 degree weather, so I took Little Lovely for her first swim.

After getting suited up in her flamingo appliqué one piece by Cecil and Lou Eloise tested the waters. We started out on the steps, and I think she felt like she was in her bathtub splashing around. Then I got in and we ventured into deeper water. Baby kicked her legs and loved being twirled around.

While it was a quick dip I was pleased that Eloise enjoyed herself as there will be many pool days planned this summer.       Here are a few of my favorite swimsuits for mommy and baby this season:  Shoulder tie French bikini by JCrew // Target Baby Girl Flamingo one piece // Scalloped bikini by Boden // Blue Seersucker Crab Appliqué one piece by Cecil and Lou


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