Lovely Little Lilly…

“Being happy never goes out of style.” -Lilly Pulitzer   All southern girls are acquainted with Lilly Pulitzer and her cheerful prints, which can be worn year-round in our warm environment. 

The story goes that Lilly and her husband opened a juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida, in the 1960’s, and Lilly needed a simple and cool dress in a colorful print to disguise the stains. The iconic Lilly shift was born and a mega-retail empire has flourished since. 

I remember my mother taking me to shop for special dresses at the Joggling Board in Pawleys Island during our summer beach trips. She had her own Lilly memories from childhood. When her cousins from California would visit her family in Manhattan in the 60’s, her  stylish Aunt Connie always donned a Lilly shift. It proves that Lilly stands the test of time. The Joggling Board does too and still has a fabulous selection of Lilly for girls and ladies, so I can’t wait to check it out when we head to the beach in July. 

Closer to home, Pink Sorbet located on Devine Street is the largest Lilly retail outlet in the state. I popped in last week and was delighted to find a huge sale section. I quickly grabbed a dress and bloomer set for Little Lovely- her first Lilly- and then tried on an armful of dresses. When I made my way to the register, I realized that the dress I selected was the same print as baby’s. Unintentionally, I purchased the mommy and me look, and I must admit that it’s quite fun matching my mini! I’m sure we’ll both get lots of wear out of these items over the summer. 

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