A Lovely Memorial Day…

To celebrate the unofficial start of summer we packed up Little Lovely and set out for Hilton Head Island to visit family and to introduce baby to the beach. Other than a brief weekend jaunt to Litchfield when she was only two months old, this would be Eloise’s first time at the coast. I couldn’t wait to see how she’d react to the sand and surf. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had different plans this weekend as Tropical Depression Bonnie loomed overhead.

As soon as we checked in to our hotel, we made a beeline for the beach before the rain descended. Little Lovely could hardly contain her excitement crawling towards the sand and promptly eating small handfuls.   Her lovely Beaufort Bonnet stayed on for a few minutes and then she was ready to  dip her toes in the water.   At nine months old, Eloise is trying so hard to stand and pulls up on anything or anyone in crawling distance. Not sure mommy and daddy are ready for the next step.    The main purpose of our trip was to spend some family time, and it was wonderful seeing baby interact with her sweet cousins. She’s lucky to have them showing her the ropes.     It was an experience staying in a hotel with baby for the first time. We requested a crib and mini fridge for her bottles, and she did pretty well adjusting to the new environment; however, I think everyone sleeps better at home. Before heading back, we took a final beach walk and enjoyed the calm after the storm.        Happy Memorial Day!



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