Lovely Target…

Oh Target…how I love you! You never disappoint with your offerings of fun and affordable items of which I probably don’t need yet can’t resist. 

Little Lovely and I venture to Target every few weeks for an outing. I can accomplish some household shopping while she is amused by the sights and sounds. On a weekday morning, I quietly exchange smiles with other mothers and babies perusing the aisles. I remember being so overhelmed the first time I took Eloise shopping there as a newborn trying to maneuver her car seat and the shopping cart. Once I had secured her there was hardly room for anything else. Now that she can sit up it’s much easier, and here are a few baby finds that have filled our cart recently. Strawberry Sundress // Swan Float // Johnson’s Bedtime Bath // Oh Joy! Band aids // Flamingo Security Blanket  // Swaddling muslins

As you can see, I am a big fan of Target’s Oh Joy! collection – a whimsical line designed by blogger, Joy Cho.  Here’s Eloise sitting on the Pineapple doormat holding her new lovey.


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