A Lovely Little Silhouette…

For more than 86 years Clay Rice and his family have shared their passion for silhouette art. His grandfather, Carew, was known worldwide as “America’s Modern Master of Silhouette Art,” and Clay carries forth the tradition creating keepsakes for new generations. 

Today Little Lovely and I traveled to Camden, SC, to have her silhouette made. The charming Books on Broad hosted Clay for the afternoon, and the store was bustling with mothers and children of all ages waiting to sit for the master.  It only takes him a few minutes to capture a profile, which is a great thing when working with little ones. As we sat down, Clay handed me a toy with a spinning light to keep Eloise focused while he worked. 

“Genius!” I said. 

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” he quickly responded. 

Indeed it is not as he estimates that throughout his career he’s cut more than 900,000 silhouettes.  In addition to his silhouette art, Clay is also an award-winning children’s book author, and we had a copy of Mama Let’s Make a Moon signed along with her silhouette.Before heading home, Eloise explored the children’s section and we read a few books together.A fun outing and a keepsake to treasure forever! 



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