A Lovely First Father’s Day…

It’s true! My husband has fallen for a younger girl with big blue eyes and wavy blonde hair, and I don’t mind one bit. 

In fact, it’s only made me love him more seeing his love for Little Lovely grow. They have a special bond and light up when they see each other. Whether watching Sesame Street together on Saturday mornings, singing silly songs during bath time or rocking to sleep every night – Dada and Eloise are quite the pair. To properly celebrate Jody’s first Father’s Day weekend we let him plan our family activities. Yesterday it was relaxing by the pool.This morning started with presents and pancakes after Little Lovely finally woke up at  9 a.m.!Next we enjoyed some unseasonal, cooler weather and took a long walk to the park. No Father’s Day would be complete without grilling some steaks, so we stopped by our local NY Butcher Shop and invited Papa (Jody’s dad) over for lunch. Hope it is the start of a new tradition!Happy Father’s Day!


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