A Lovely Little Watermelon…

While yesterday marked the first official day of summer Little Lovely and I have been in summertime mode for awhile enjoying lots of pool time and seeking refuge from the brutal South Carolina temperatures in the afternoons. 

One way to beat the heat is to cool off with a delicious fruity treat. 

A few weeks ago, Eloise posed for a mini photo session with local photographer, Jessie Rayfield. A crate and a few watermelons made a cute backdrop for the summer pics.   {Eloise’s dress by LaRoque}

To end the session, baby was given an ice cold piece of watermelon to hold (mainly as a prop), and she absolutely loved it! The combination of the sweet flavor and chilly texture on her teething gums must have been irresistible as she wouldn’t let us take it away- there were a few tears. A messy but fun activity, I think watermelon will be a summer staple.



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