A Lovely Little Beach Week…

“Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.” -Van Morrison

For a week my little family and I did just this, relishing our first beach vacation together. My childhood summers were always spent at Litchfield Beach near Pawleys Island on the South Carolina coast, so it was special bringing Little Lovely to the place where so many of my happiest memories reside.  


The week was full of memory making of our own- long morning beach walks, fun family dinners, trying our first taste of ice cream, shopping the Lilly sale at The Joggling Board, and of course watching Eloise play in the sand and fearlessly jump waves with her dad. It was a delight seeing how she gradually felt more comfortable with the sand and surf each day. And being such a personable baby, she sweetly smiled and waved to everyone along the Grand Strand.


While the days of baking away under the sun and plowing through a stack of beach reads might be on hold for now I love creating our new, family traditions and can’t wait until next year.  img_6793-43

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