A Lovely Little Gingham…

Although there is some debate of where the fabric originated gingham made its way to Europe in the 17th century from Dutch colonizing Malaysia. In fact, the word is derived from the Mayla “genngang” meaning striped. The lightweight yet durable fabric was first produced in stripe and later adapted to the check pattern we know today. 

Many countries claim ties to the textile. In England and later colonial America, gingham began to represent the rustic countryside and was used widely for household tablecloths, aprons and clothing. During the Industrial Age, gingham was manufactured in the U.S. and even became a symbol of patriotism- especially in blue/red/white checks. 

Some memorable characters have worn the fabric well, including my favorite heroine, Dorothy Gale, on her way to Oz. Bridgette Bardot notably donned a pink gingham wedding dress in the 1960’s sparking a fashion craze.

I associate the delicate checks with summertime and have added a few pretty pieces to mine and baby’s wardrobes this season. 


Marco&Lizzy pink pique popover set // Petit Bebe pink gingham bubble by Anavini // J.Crew ruffle hem silk top (50% off final sale today with code: SHOPFAST) // Derby top by CollynRaye // J.Crew Factory gingham shell top

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