A Lovely Little First Day of School…

“School days, school days, dear old golden rule days…” -1907, Gus Cobb and Will Edwards

What a week for our Little Lovely! On Saturday, she will turn one and today was her first day of nursery school. We have been preparing for this over the last few weeks, getting her supplies, meeting her teachers and classmates and practicing skipping our morning nap so we can make it until noon.

Eloise seemed excited and ready this morning as we took a few “first day of school” pictures.    I wanted to re-create a special photo that my mom has of me on my first day holding a schoolbook. Her sweet apple dress is by local children’s designer, Prim & Proper. Be sure to check out their adorable fall line. After a few minutes of getting comfortable in her new surroundings, Eloise and mommy shed a few tears and said goodbye. I know she will have a ball making new friends and learning new skills, but I secretly can’t wait to pick her up!

Wishing everyone a great school year,


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