A Lovely Little Saturday…

The start of fall is lovely for so many reasons – one of which is the start of festival season now that the weather is slightly more tolerable for outdoor activities. 

After stopping by our local Barnes and Noble for a special Curious George storytime to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the curious little monkey, our family headed to Columbia’s 30th Annual Greek Festival  

 {Eloise wouldn’t let go of a small, stuffed puppy.}

Little Lovely took in the sights and sounds as we strolled her through the crowd. We made our way inside to sample some Greek delights for lunch, and Eloise was mesmerized by the children dancers. In fact, she got a little upset that she couldn’t join the fun.

Before heading home we checked out some of the booths. If you go with little ones, be sure to visit the balloon and face painting stall. 

{Of course we had to stop and catch a few bubbles.}

A new feature at the festival is the Columbia Marionette Theater which will have performances all weekend.

 Hope you and your family have a lovely little Saturday too. Opah!

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