A Lovely Little Hometown…

“Son, take a good look around- this is your hometown” -Bruce Springsteen

On this first, crisp autumn morning, we decided to pack up Little Lovely and drive 50 miles to my husband’s hometown.

Each year Newberry County hosts Oktoberfest, a lively German festival featuring local food, music and vendors in the charming downtown square.  It was the perfect opportunity to visit the special place that Jody calls home. His family has a long history in the Dutch Fork region, so it was wonderful to see some of the landmarks that he remembers so fondly. 

Our first stop was the famed Newberry Opera House. After visiting with one of his favorite high school teachers, we grabbed a soft pretzel and had a picnic on the lawn for lunch. 
Feeling revived we strolled to the old Newberry Library, which is where Jody spent so much time as a little boy. Eloise takes after her dad and already loves her books! The tour continued in Prosperity. We parked right on Main Street next to the iconic gazebo and ducked into Prosperity Drug Company, a quaint pharmacy that still houses a traditional soda fountain offering up fresh floats and shakes.  After pointing out the site of his first job, Hamm Hardware, we made our way to Jody’s elementary school. Before heading home, we showed Eloise the original Bedenbaugh Ginnery, which was once a vibrant cotton gin and store.A walk down memory lane seeing the place that shaped Jody and an amazing day creating new memories for daddy and daughter.


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