A Lovely Little Dinner…

“If you can’t cook, the one thing you can make are reservations!” – my mother

I pride myself in knowing my limitations, and one skill that I don’t possess is cooking. I so admire those who can whip up a gourmet dish and actually enjoy the process, but other than simple meals, it’s out of my domain. And as all mothers of little ones know, sometimes there just isn’t time to prepare a weeknight dinner. 

Luckily, there are delicious and convenient options all over town to fill our dinner table.  

Last year, The New York Butcher Shoppe, opened on Gervais Street right around be corner from our neighborhood. Stocked with a selection of prepared meals, side dishes and fresh meats of course, as well as wine and other goods, it has become one of my go-tos. There is a community feel there as people gather on the patio for conversation and a glass of wine. Earlier this week, Little Lovely and I strolled over to get the “Monday night special,” including a rotisserie chicken, rice and salad, which was warm and ready to serve. This afternoon I’m heading to Rise Bakeshop to pick up one of their new, family meals. In addition to breads and pastries, Rise features a menu of seasonal meals for order. We’re excited to try the Acient Grain Risotto, which comes with a side dish, bread and spread and dessert! Also note that Rise is a community supporter, and for every family meal purchased by a member of the Junior League of Columbia, Rise will give 15% of the sale back to the League. Just fill out this special form when you place your order.    {Don’t you love their tile floor?}

Other local favorites include take and heat casseroles from The Happy Cafe and Lillian’s and delightful Greek dinners delivered to your door from Ambrosia Greek Treats. Email carol@ambrosiasc.com for information.

Whether homemade or store bought, supper is always served with love in our home, and Eloise enjoys every bite!    Bon Appetite,


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