A Lovely Little Dorothy…

“Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” -Dorothy Gale, “The Wizard of Oz”

While last year was technically Little Lovely’s first Halloween this is the first year for mommy to really have fun with her costume. The story of “The Wizard of Oz” has always been dear to my heart. As a first grader, I played Dorothy in our school play, which is a special memory, and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding. Since Eloise is my little dream come true Dorothy seemed like a perfect fit for her first costume.

We were able to get some pre-Halloween costume wear this month. During October, South Carolina State Museum hosted a special Museum of Oz exhibit and 4-D movie screening (still showing through Nov. 4). Eloise met some of the characters and followed the yellow brick road to explore the “Enchanted Forest.”Our next Halloween event was an adorable Fall Festival hosted by her preschool, Kilbourne Park. Carnival games, treats and fun delighted Eloise and all of the children.    
This weekend, we enjoyed the beautiful, fall weather and dressed Little Lovely in another costume, her cheerleading uniform from mommy’s alma mater, Duke University, and visited nearby Clinton Sease Farm for a hayride.   Also in preparation for the holiday, we crafted some spooky monsters and decorated pouches of “witch’s brew” for Eloise’s class party.     Halloween Day was full of frightful fun beginning with the class party where Eloise and her little friends wore their costumes and enjoyed yummy treats.  After our afternoon nap, we were ready for trick or treating and headed to the neighborhood Halloween party where “Dorothy” got to see a Toto look alike!  Eloise loved carrying her treat bag and has been practicing pointing to her toes when we say “smell my feet.”😂It was then time to head over to my aunt and uncle’s home for their annual Fall Feast. Little Lovely sat at the dining room table like a big girl and used excellent manners. I greatly cherish family traditions like  these and spending time with my loved ones. Just like Dorothy says, “there’s no place like home.” Happy Halloween!


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