A Lovely Little Vote…

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”  -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Participating in the political process was a lesson I learned at a young age. Joining my parents to cast their ballots and later volunteering with campaigns, including those of my mother, who served in county and state government, taught me to make my voice heard because every vote counts. I was inspired to study political science in college and later worked in that arena, so it was very special to have Little Lovely accompany me to the polls yesterday. Thankfully, we were bundled up for the chilly weather as we had a 45 minute wait at our local precinct, but the time seemed to pass quickly as we chatted with neighbors in line and even took a swing on the playground. Eloise seemed like a little politician herself smiling and waving to everyone, and she was so excited to be presented with her very own “I Voted” sticker.Since my mother and I have traditionally spent Election Day together Eloise and I  met her for a girls’ breakfast at Eggs Up Grill. Catching up over a warm breakfast of Mickey Mouse pancakes was just what we needed. Since Eloise has become a connoisseur of Disney breakfasts she gave Eggs Up positive reviews, especially the pancakes and left a clean plate.   As a family, we watched election results last night and woke up to a new president today. 

Whatever your ideology it is a privilege to live in a place where we all get the opportunity to participate in the process and effect change. A proud member of the Junior League of Columbia and The Association of Junior Leagues, I was inspired this morning by a message by AJLI Executive Director Susan Danish:

…”Today, tough issues abound. And, I am proud of our efforts to have difficult conversations, to listen and to learn from those with different views and to join or create collaborations.

Today is Wednesday, November 9 and I am more committed than ever to help build communities where every citizen can reach his or her full potential and thrive. That is not political. That is The Junior League.”

In this season of Thanksgiving, I look forward to a return to positivity and unity for our country, hallmarks that truly make us great.


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