A Lovely Little Love Story…

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.” – Anonymous 

Once upon a time, a boy met a girl at a bluegrass concert under the stars and struck up a conversation. They smiled and laughed, and then she wrote down her phone number on a piece of paper from her purse hoping that he’d call. He did, and one date led to another, and before they knew it, they were falling for each other. 

In the fall, the girl headed back to college, but the boy called, emailed and visited whenever he had the chance. Their love blossomed over time, celebrating graduations and new jobs, taking trips to explore the world together and making incredible memories. And on Valentine’s Day ten years ago, the boy and girl sat on the sundrenched bank of the Seine, where she squealed “yes” when he asked her to marry him. 

Through the years, this boy and girl have experienced life side by side- cheering for each other’s successes and providing the hand to hold when needed most. They have become parents to the most adorable little girl who has filled their hearts with a new and special love they had never imagined. And while their love story has much more to be written this girl wishes her boy a very Happy Valentine’s Day!



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