A Lovely Year of Blogging…

One year ago, I published my lovely little blog, and it’s been a wonderful outlet to muse about the things that interest me- style, fashion, travel, mommyhood and of course life with my little lovely, Eloise. It’s also been fun way to connect with others, and I thank you for following along. 

Most importantly, it’s a way to document precious family memories.

Recently, I printed all of my posts to date using Blog 2 Print (which is offering a special promotion through 3/20: PATTY) and created a hard cover book for Eloise to have forever. 

In honor of my “blogversary” here are my top ten favorite posts:

10 A Lovely Little Strawberry

9. A Lovely Little Picnic

8. A Lovely Little Beach Week

7. A Lovely First Disney Trip

6. A Lovely Little Photoshoot

5. Lovely Little Sunshine

4. Lovely Little Wine Country

3. A Lovely Little First Birthday

2. A Lovely Little Year

1. A Lovely Little Moment

Looking forward to another, lovely year!

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