A Lovely Second Year…

"I wake to find your hand in mine
We must have fell asleep last night,
just right
The sunlights dancin'
through the blinds
The day is waiting on the line
just outside

Will you always be
my love?

Will you always be
my love?

Now cars are passing and
birds are laughing as
trees are holding up the sky
in the window
do they feel it,

have they seen it grow
have they been watching us
do they know?

Will you always be
my love?

Will you always be
my love?" – "Will You Always Be My Love?" By Holly Maher

As I give goodnight kisses and tuck in my one year old baby this week for the last time before she turns two, I think about how quickly time has passed this year, how many milestones we've reached- tip toe steps turned to walking and running, first words turned into sentences and conversations, family trips and memories made. I also wonder how long this magical stage will continue for my Little Lovely where the world is full of wonder; where new friends are greeted with smiles and hugs; where sweet giggles and nursery rhymes fill the air and where playing with mommy and daddy are her favorite pastimes.

Eloise is certainly the sunshine of our lives providing a consistent source of joy when we have needed it most. She gently reminds us to be kind, patient, live in the moment and laugh each day. As she grows up, so does our little family, and we can't wait to celebrate!

Here is a quick glimpse of highlights from Eloise's second year.

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