A Lovely Second Year…

“My little girl

My little, my little girl

This is your world

So go explore now” – My Little Girl by Jessica Allossery

Eloise’s third birthday is less than a week away, and I’m already walking down memory lane. Technology makes it so easy with daily Timehop and Facebook reminders. This second year has been magical as we’ve watched our baby grow into a little girl who holds animated conversations, asks a million questions, stretches her imagination, learns new things at school everyday, sleeps in a big girl bed and expresses such an adorable personality that my husband and I wish we could freeze every moment (well, almost every moment).

My birthday wish for our girl is that she enjoys this precious, wonder filled time. We talk a lot about being a “big kid” and all of the things that she’ll be able to do, but this is her little girl time to explore, make believe, dance, laugh and play. THREE is going to be the best year yet.

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