A Lovely Little Wait…

“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch. -E.B. White

Spring break has been a little different this year as we eagerly await the debut of baby sister. Special outings, long cuddling sessions and taking things at a slower pace have been on the agenda as Little Lovely and I savor this time before a new friend joins our family.

I’ve spoken to friends who have experienced the transition from one to two children and read countless articles, and while the advice is reassuring I’m still having a hard time preparing for the change. For three and a half years, Eloise and I have had uninterrupted bonding and developed such a strong relationship, so I worry how she and I will adjust.

My hope for our family outweighs my fear as we have dreamed of growing, giving the gift of a sibling to Eloise and multiplying love for all.

As I left the final baby appointment yesterday with Jody and Eloise at my side, I was filled with such happiness knowing that we are a team, and together we will welcome our littlest lovely.

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