A Lovely Little Hoot…

Why should you give a hoot?

I recently sat down with Laura Bocock, founder of the local, online boutique, Give a Hoot, which curates unique accessories, jewelry and clothing items and gives back part of the proceeds to support the Young Lives organization helping young women as they navigate pregnancy and motherhood. We discussed her business as it approaches its one year anniversary- what she’s learned and goals for the future. Please read our conversation below and find a special discount for Little Lovely followers.

{Laura and her beautiful family}

How did Hoot begin?

Hoot began as a way to support the ministry of Young Lives, which helps young women navigating pregnancy and motherhood. I have always loved fashion and wanted to own a store, so Give A Hoot was a way to bring the two together.

What sets Hoot apart as an online boutique?

Online shopping is growing, which is convenient; however, my goal is to always have intimacy and community with my customers. It might even become a storefront one day. We all have to get dressed, so it might as well be an opportunity to get to know each other and encourage one another. As long as we continue to be a comfortable, fun place for women to find clothes while supporting other women, we will be different.

What’s the best way to shop the Hoot loot?

The best way to shop Hoot is through Instagram. We have a website as well, but Instagram is so visual and allows me to connect directly with customers. If you’re ever interested in trying some items on, you’re welcome to schedule a time to come by my home.

As a busy mother to three young children, is online shopping your preferred method?

And all moms said “yes!” I love shopping in a store, but nothing beats having an item delivered on your doorstep that you can try on at home. I love that Hoot can do that for local customers. It’s a gift to all mothers. Local customers can schedule a time to come by and try things on, or I can drop off and leave on approval.

What is your personal style philosophy?

As a mother, my personal style is always evolving. A friend described me as “traditional with a flare for modern,” but I’d probably say that I choose comfort and fun. As a mother, style has to adapt, but it’s a treat when the children are at school, and I can shower and get dressed! I love that everyone has a unique sense of style, and we can learn from each other.

With the first anniversary of Hoot approaching soon, what are some ways that the business has surprised you?

I am so grateful for the community- the conversations, the friendships.

What is your goal for the next year of Hoot?

As the customer base grows, so will the collection of brands we carry.  In the future, I’d love to host more styling sessions at my home or yours- with a few friends! I trust in guidance from The Lord to move Hoot in the right direction.

{Some of Hoot’s unique wardrobe and jewelry offerings}

To celebrate Hoot’s first anniversary, Little Lovely followers can use code littelovely15 for a discount on orders of more than $25 now through October 31.

Happy shopping!

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