Lovely Little Marigold…

Youth! youth! how buoyant are thy hopes! they turn, like marigolds, toward the sunny side. – Jean Ingelow

Have you popped into Marigold Modern Kids on Devine Street? If not, you are in for a treat. Owner Louisa Vann opened the shop in 2018 after becoming a mother to her daughter, Winslow, and discovering new clothing lines that she wanted to make more accessible to Southern mothers. It has grown into a destination for classic and designer baby and children’s clothing with a modern twist that can’t be found anywhere else in Columbia. Carrying diverse lines such as Stella McCartney, Petite Lucette, Bonton and more from newborn to big kids size 10 +, you can shop for all of your littles in one spot.

According to Louisa, children’s clothing should be sustainably and ethically made. “You can buy from us knowing the clothing is well made and meant to be passed down.”

The unique collection of pieces sets Marigold apart, and you are sure to find one of a kind items to keep your child in style. Here are a few of my favorite looks currently available (and don’t miss their flash sale going on right now with 30% off sale prices!).

Amelie Floral jumper dress by Coco & Wolf paired with the Omibia misty pink bodysuit.

Bright Star Patch and Fringe Sweatshirt Dress for your big girl by Stella McCartney.

How adorable are these Hungry Caterpillar inspired outfits by Little Goodall? Would be fun to coordinate siblings in these for a party.

In addition to beautiful clothing, Marigold also offers a wide selection of accessories, toys, books and gifts. You can even get ahead on your holiday shopping by filling out a Wish List with your child to send to Santa or maybe a grandparent.

Marigold is excited to open its doors during Devine Night Out on November 14, and there are some upcoming events planned for the holiday season. Stay tuned…

My girls and I are falling for these fall looks – sweet, traditional outfits with a bit of feminine, floral flair.

Eloise is wearing the old rose corduroy dress by Dotty Dungarees with the Claudette Rosebud print shirt by Petite Lucette.

And Baby Barrett is on the move in her Velveteen floral pearl jumpsuit.

Lovely Readers- Mention that you saw this post when you pop by the shop this month through November 21 for a 15% discount or use code: alittlelovely15 for a discount online.

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