A Lovely Stay at Home Soirée…

Earlier this month, I celebrated my birthday in stay-at-home style with a backyard movie night under the stars. Twinkle lights, popcorn, and an 80’s classic on the big screen with a few of our neighborhood “quaran-team” made it one of my best birthdays ever, certainly a memorable one!

Here are a few tips for planning your outdoor movie night:

1. Purchase a projector and screen to display your movie.

2. Create a lounge-like environment to enjoy the movie. Arrange your outdoor furniture as you would indoors, add throw pillows and blankets to make it cozy.

3. Add lighting to set the tone, the more twinkle lights, the better in my opinion.

4. Stock up on snacks. What’s a movie without popcorn? Get some cute popcorn containers and movie theater boxed candy to make it feel like you’re really at the movies.

5. Pick a flick that’s a crowd pleaser. We went with “The Princess Bride” since it has action, comedy, romance and nostalgia.

6. Select a festive outfit. My dress is by FoxieDox and on sale, and my earrings are handmade by Linen & Loom.

7. Have fun and enjoy the show!

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