A Lovely Little Snack…

We made it to the end of the first week of school! 🎉 My little lovelies have truly had the best week meeting their new teachers, exploring their new classrooms and making new friends all while acclimating to new protocols and safety measures. It has been quite a transition after so much together time at home, and I’m proud with how we are all quickly adjusting.

Both girls are always ready for an afternoon snack after busy school days, so we amped up the fun to make these special celebration treats.

Donuts, pizza and hamburgers can be on the menu with these cute and healthy options. Assembly is easy, so you can enlist your crew to help and sample as they go.

Apple donuts:

Top cored apple slices with cream cheese and rainbow sprinkles!

Cracker pizzas:

Spread Ritz crackers with cream cheese and add sliced fruit as colorful toppings.

Vanilla Wager Burgers:

Spread whipped cream or cream cheese between two Vanilla Wafers and add sprinkles around the middle.

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

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