Lovely Grandmillennial Style…

Do you get excited over feminine embellishments, chintz, chinoiserie wallpaper, perhaps a floral maxi or a beautifully set table? If so, you might identify with the Grandmillennial trend that has gained popularity with 20 and 30 somethings embracing classic style with a large dose of nostalgia.

I first read about the trend in a 2019 House Beautiful article discussing the aesthetic used in interior design:

“I think a ‘grandmillennial’ is really a ‘New Traditionalist’—someone who has an appreciation for the past,” explains Manhattan-based interior designer Ariel Okin, … who realizes the staying power of good, well-edited design while putting their own fresh spin on it to make it feel updated and unique.” 

In the south, there seems to be even more of an appreciation for traditional decor because of the long history of gracious entertaining, older homes and handed down antiques. These classic styles that once might have been considered stuffy or old fashioned are being updated by Grandmillennials, who are creating spaces that reflect their personality by adding pops of color, pattern and layers. Also during this stay-at-home time, we are all craving the comfort of coziness and longing for bygone times.

In the same way, Grandmillennials are styling themselves and their little ones with vintage inspired embellishments- pale palettes of pastel, bows, ruffles, romantic floral dresses and headbands. One of my favorite Grandmillennial bloggers to follow is Emily Hertz of Born on Fifth and Bows and Blue. She has recently collaborated with Dondolo Baby to release a Grandmillennial capsule collection for Mommy and Me with the loveliest silhouettes and special details.

Another popular pastime for the Grandmillennial is taking up needlepoint (or at least purchasing some fun needlepoint pillows), and Kirsten Pippin of Middle Sister Designs is painting custom needlepoint canvases with clever sayings and designs. The perfect holiday gift for your Grandmillennial loving friend or family member, and be on the lookout soon for our Grandmillennial Giveaway!

Are you loving the Grandmillennial trend? Who are your favorite Grandmillennials to follow? Share them below and then make yourself a cup of tea in your grandmother’s china.

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