A Lovely Little Cookie…

Yesterday afternoon, we invited friends over for cookies and fun with Santa!

Santa cookies by Sugar Columbia

After fueling up on the yummy treats that everyone brought to share, the little ones were ready to sit on Santa’s lap and deliver their Christmas wish lists.

Little Lovely and I are wearing matching plaid by LaRoque.

A few hugs before the big guy had to hop in his sleigh and head back to the North Pole.

Bye, Santa! See you again next year, and don’t forget to keep us on the “nice list”!


A Lovely Little Easter Basket…

“Here comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin’ down the bunny trail

Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way” -Gene Autry

Next weekend, Peter Cottontail will be hopping down the trail and filling Easter baskets with treats and goodies galore. 

My childhood Easter memories are of being at the beach with my family and waking up to find a potpourri of delightful, small gifts and sweets left by the Easter Bunny. Over the years, my brothers and I have grown to appreciate the thought “the bunny” put into our baskets, and now as a mom myself, I hold traditions like these so dear. I’m also especially fond of bunnies in general, which makes it even more fun to procure special items for Eloise’s basket. Here is a sampling of spring surcees for your little lovelies. 

{Eloise’s basket // Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes available locally at Little Lambs & Ivy and where I also found an adorable bunny wand and barrettes by Pink Poppy // Sweet sleeping bunny vase for fresh flowers or jellybeans from The Shops at Cricket Newman // Personalized plate and cup by Katie Scarlet Designs // Sparkle Rabbit Clutch by Cat and Jack at Target // A rainbow of Jelly Cat bunnies and baskets at BeBeep

Another new tradition our family started this year is decorating trees with Easter Eggs- Eloise has already become an “egg”spert. šŸ°

Happy Easter!


A Lovely Little Christmas Card…

“Greeting cards have all been sent

The Christmas rush is through

But I still have one wish to make

A special one for you”- Merry Christmas, Darling by Karen Carpenter

Three days away from the big holiday… Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet? 

A recent article in Town & Country explains that the tradition of sharing cards dates back to the Victorian age when in 1843, Sir Henry Cole commissioned artist John Callcott Horsley to design a card and then printed thousands for a shilling a piece. Once postage costs declined, the trend really took off among the masses. 

 Of course hand sketched cards have generally been replaced with our modern day photo cards as technology has developed and become more accessible.

I don’t know about you, but I love opening my mailbox this time of year and seeing the beautiful faces of friends and family sharing season’s greetings. 

While it might be a little late to order custom cards here are a few, festive options to send holiday cheer:  

{Christmas wreath cards by Rifle Paper Co.// Festive holiday card set from Anthropolgie// Custom New Year’s card featuring your child’s art available at Minted (and use code: NEWYEAR for 20% off)// Deck the halls card by Sugarā€¢Paper}

Wishing a very happy holiday from our family to yours!



A Lovely Little Tree…

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, How lovely are your branches!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,

How lovely are your branches!

In beauty green will always grow

Through summer sun and winter snow.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

How lovely are your branches!

-August Zarnack, 1820

I love a family tradition! After spending Thanksgiving Day with family, we usually are ready to start decking the halls and searching for the perfect Christmas tree. {Thanksigiving Day with our Lovely Little turkey.}

While the temperature did not feel very Christmas-like we got into the spirit as soon as we arrived at our local tree lot and breathed in the fragrant firs.   Eloise had a big time running through the trees! Her top (worn as a dress last year) is by LaRoque We found our perfect tree and went to work setting it up and decorating. Luckily, Jody does the heavy lifting leaving me in charge of the ornaments, which is my favorite part- unwrapping special ornaments that bring back childhood memories and of course adding new ones to the mix that highlight life milestones, travels and now handcrafted pieces by Eloise.   We were all pretty proud of the finished product (and of Jody for figuring out the camera timer).  Last year, the tree wasn’t of much interest to Eloise although she did enjoy looking at the lights. This year, however,  she’s fascinated! In fact, it will be a job keeping her from pulling off the ornaments.  We’ve also started another family tradition of saying goodnight to the tree each evening before Eloise’s bedtime and singing a Christmas carol. Hope your holiday season is off to a lovely start!



A Lovely Little Silhouette…

For more than 86 years Clay Rice and his family have shared their passion for silhouette art. His grandfather, Carew, was known worldwide as “America’s Modern Master of Silhouette Art,” and Clay carries forth the tradition creating keepsakes for new generations. 

Today Little Lovely and I traveled to Camden, SC, to have her silhouette made. The charming Books on Broad hosted Clay for the afternoon, and the store was bustling with mothers and children of all ages waiting to sit for the master.  It only takes him a few minutes to capture a profile, which is a great thing when working with little ones. As we sat down, Clay handed me a toy with a spinning light to keep Eloise focused while he worked. 

“Genius!” I said. 

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” he quickly responded. 

Indeed it is not as he estimates that throughout his career he’s cut more than 900,000 silhouettes.  In addition to his silhouette art, Clay is also an award-winning children’s book author, and we had a copy of Mama Let’s Make a Moon signed along with her silhouette.Before heading home, Eloise explored the children’s section and we read a few books together.A fun outing and a keepsake to treasure forever! 




A Lovely Little Tea…

Today my mother and I took Little Lovely to her first tea. As a little girl, going to tea was a special occasion. Dainty sandwiches and sweets, delicate cups and saucers holding the tea of your choosing- it all seemed so ceremonious and glamorous.

I remember the summer before I started second grade, my mother took me on a trip to New York City to visit her aunt and cousins and to see where she had grown up. A highlight was going to The Plaza for afternoon tea in The Palm Court where we nibbled on Black Forest Cake and got to see the famous Eloise painting in the lobby. After that experience, I became even more interested in tea and relished an opportunity to partake when we stayed in hotels where it was offered. In fact, last year around this time, my husband and I spent our “babymoon” at the iconic Round Hill Resort in Jamaica, which offers a traditional tea every afternoon, so it’s no surprise that Eloise would develop a fondness for it.  According to Fortnum and Mason, a British institution with a long history of serving afternoon tea, it was the Duchess of Bedford, who made high tea a formal occasion in 1840 as she became quite hungry in the late afternoon since many households were adopting electricity and pushing back the dinner hour. Many hotels began offering tea as an event, and it was one of the first socially acceptable events for women to attend out of the home.   Eloise had a wonderful time with the ladies at the Mother/Daughter tea. She squealed with delight seeing other little girls, many of whom had brought their own baby dolls,and watched with great interest as we prepared our cups of tea.   The room was full of mothers, daughters, and grandmothers, sharing conversation, laughter, and of course tea. Hopefully it will become an annual tradition for our family.