A Lovely Little Bluff…

the river never broke a sweat.

it went for miles around us,

running in place

in search of a silent moon.

the darkness was her perfect partner,

leading them all

to the finish line,

where the morning

threw its hands up

as the winner of the race.

we stood on the sidelines,

rooting for time to suspend us,

staring down the clock

and knowing this was

not the end,

but the beginning of our journey

toward forever.

the running river by Marcus Amaker

Nestled on the northern bluff of Beaufort overlooking the May River, aptly named Bluffton is a charming coastal village that has grown in recent years to feature gourmet restaurants, boutiques and the beautiful Montage Palmetto Bluff resort, which was our weekend destination.

The area is special to us as it was the setting for our wedding ten years ago at Oldfield Plantation and now home to Jody’s family. In fact, Little Lovely was able to spend time with her cousins while we had a night away.

After checking into our guest house, we walked to Wilson Village and enjoyed an alfresco lunch at Buffalo’s overlooking the water before exploring the property.

We grabbed our books and a cocktail at the River House to enjoy the view and springlike weather.

From water sports to nature trails, there isn’t a shortage of recreational activities, and hopefully our next stay will be a little longer so we can take advantage of the award winning spa.

For dinner, we hopped on the shuttle and headed to the Canoe Club, a “river to table” restaurant offering sweeping views and local seafood.

After our meal, we found a spot by the fire pit to roast s’mores and look at the stars. A sweet ending to a relaxing day.

With our extra hour of daylight savings, we had time for a walk before meeting up with Eloise and her cousins for brunch at Cahill’s Market.

Hope you had a restful weekend too!


Lovely Lavender…

According to The Pantone Color Institute, ultra violet is the color of the year for 2018; however, fashion experts are pointing to the lighter hue of lavender trending on runways and the red carpet. A flower so representative of springtime is a fitting, pastel shade for the season. From gowns to nail polish, here are a few lavender items to try on this spring.

{L-R: Jay Godfrey Lilac Alma Dress // Boden Lilac Heel // Lele Sadoughi Crystal Sky Lily Earring // Essie Hubby for Desert // Rebecca Taylor Pullover // Mi Golondrina Dress}


A Lovely Little Friday…

“It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all” -Laura Ingalls Wilder

Life seems to maintain a constant, rapid pace with routines and schedules ruling the day, so it is extremely refreshing to have and unexpected morning to catch up and spend a few extra moments doing things I usually don’t make time for: actually savoring my cup of coffee, reading newspaper articles and not just headlines, chatting with my mom on the phone, staying for the stretch after an exercise class…life’s simple pleasures.

These small luxuries have a major impact on my happiness. According to research, I’m not the only one. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project says that “It’s not life changes like a new house or a fancy car that make the most impact, but sometimes little things like the smell of an orange, that give the biggest boost.” And of course I can see this principle practiced all day by my Little Lovely as she finds magic in everything around her.

I started a list of my “happy moments” and will work on incorporating more of them into my regular schedule. What are yours?

Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with your favorite simple pleasures!


A Lovely Little Heart…

“I loved you then. I love you still. Always have, always will.” -Minnie Mouse

The wintry days of January can feel very long, but a holiday filled with pink hearts, sweet treats and love is on the horizon! Here are a few, lovely gift ideas for your Valentine:

Place your order for adorable and delicious cookies by Sugar Columbia // Comfy heart pocket dress by Boden // Delicate ceramic heart bowl and initial necklace by Susan Gordon Pottery (check out a fun Giveaway from @SouthernMamaGuide) // Valentine’s loungewear by Posies and Puddles // Custom treat tags for class Valentines by Scrapbits //Anna Loves Elsa is a sweet story for every Frozen fan


A Lovely Little Cookie…

Yesterday afternoon, we invited friends over for cookies and fun with Santa!

Santa cookies by Sugar Columbia

After fueling up on the yummy treats that everyone brought to share, the little ones were ready to sit on Santa’s lap and deliver their Christmas wish lists.

Little Lovely and I are wearing matching plaid by LaRoque.

A few hugs before the big guy had to hop in his sleigh and head back to the North Pole.

Bye, Santa! See you again next year, and don’t forget to keep us on the “nice list”!


A Lovely Little Stocking Stuffer…

“First comes the stocking of Little Nell

Oh, dear Santa fill it well

Give her a dolly that laughs and cries

One that will open and shut her eyes

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go?

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn’t go?

Up on the housetop, click, click, click

Down through the chimney with good Saint Nick” – Up on the Housetop Gene Autry, 1953

I love this Christmas song probably because it was one of the first ones I learned at school and also because my dad was a nostalgic fan of singing cowboy, Gene Autry’s jolly version. And now it’s part of my Little Lovely’s repertoire of toddler tunes, including “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Happy Birthday.”

A few weeks until Christmas, and while I’ve wrapped up most of my big shopping, I’m working on filling stockings and finding white elephant gifts. Here are a few favorites for friends, children and maybe yourself…don’t forget to tell Santa! 🎅🏻💕

{Metallic Mini Madeline Earrings by Mignonne Gavigan available locally at Scout and Mollys // Jellycat Bashful Unicorn brand available locally at Cottage and Vine // Silhouette ornament by Mark & Graham // Rose All Day ornament from Swoozies // Hand painted angel ornament by L Mitchell Art // Monogram dishes by Susan Gordon Pottery // Voluspa Visions of Sugarplums Petite Candle Tin // Corksicle Tumbler brand available locally at Just the Thing // Prosecco Pong}


Ten Lovely Years…

10 years

120 months

522 weeks

3,652 days

87,600 hours

52,588,800 minutes and

315,567,360 seconds

Today marks our ten year wedding anniversary. On a picture perfect November 3, we stood in front of cherished friends and family overlooking the Okatie River in Bluffton, S.C., and promised to love each other forever. Then we danced under the stars before embarking on our happily ever after.

I’ve been reflecting on the ceremony led by my dear friend, Chaplain Mel Baars O’Malley, who spoke of our relationship in terms of life’s journey. During the past decade, we’ve experienced so much life, growing into ourselves, becoming parents and a family with our beautiful daughter, and learning together how to manage the joys and difficulties along our journey.

It’s only fitting that we celebrate ten years traveling together and creating new memories of shared experience to add to our story.

“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel

That they are joined together

To strengthen each other in all labours,

To minister to each other in all sorrow,

To share with each other in all gladness,

To be one with each other in the silent, unspoken memories?” – George Elliot