Lovely Back to School Shoes…

“Off to school we go

Off to school we go

We’ll grab our lunch and ride the bus

With everyone we know

It’s off to school we go”

Next week we will have an official first grader and 2’s toddler. Even seeing it in writing it’s hard to believe! The summer has flown by filled with so many fun memories of pool days, lazy mornings and getting settled into our new house.

We’ve spent the last few weeks preparing for the new school year- haircuts, finishing up our summer work, and prepping our school wardrobes. For Eloise, that means sizing up uniforms and having fun with some new accessories. Barrett is also growing into new sizes of sweet hand-me-downs from big sister. Both girls however are in need of new shoes, and we knew just where to look.

Jenzy is a one stop shop for children’s shoes that takes all of the guesswork out of finding the right fit. You create a customized profile for your child by answering a quick 5-question fit quiz, and using that information, their team knows the perfect size for your kid in all of your favorite shoes in their marketplace. We already have a few pairs of favorite shoes from Jenzy, including Cientas, Sun Sans by Salt Water, and Natives, so I picked new sneakers for both girls to kick off the school year (see what I did there 👟). Here are some Back to School picks that will get your little one off on the right foot (can’t help myself!). And please use my code: ALITTLELOVELY for 15% off your purchase.

Here’s to jumping into a great school year with both feet!

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