Lovely Little Blooms…

Hidden under the “southern snow” of yellow pollen lovely pastel blooms are beginning to unfurl in South Carolina – transforming our neighborhood into a fairy wonderland.



Spring is my favorite season, and I especially enjoy the diverse variety of flowers in our yard, which we were lucky to inherit from the previous owners. 

Beginning in December, different shades of pink camellias pop out providing perfect petals for bud vases and small arrangements. We have a number of camellia shrubs sprinkled throughout our yard. These Chinese tea flowers were originally cultivated in Asia making their way to America through the tea trade and becoming very en vogue in the mid 19th century. Apparently after World War I, there was a resurgence of camellias in the southeastern United States, thus the plentiful planting in our yard. 

While I appreciate a gorgeous, professional flower arrangement or even a Trader Joe’s orchid there is something extra special about plucking flowers directly from your yard to make a lovely little bouquet. 


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